Techniques to help keep you out of the ER and your ride out of the shop

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Our 2017 classes are complete. Thank you to all the students who joined us this year!
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You’ve taken a beginner’s riders course and have gotten your own bike. Now what? Perhaps you’ve been riding your big touring bike for sometime and you and/or your passenger just don’t feel as confident as you’d like. The advanced riding skills needed to maneuver today’s large cruisers and touring bikes are more important than ever for safe and fun motorcycling. Many so called “advanced” courses offer very little to improving the beginner rider and do even less to correct bad habits of many experienced riders. Do you marvel when you see a motorcycle cop making a tight U-turn on a big police cruiser?

Have you seen an internet video of a motor cop effortlessly riding thru a sea of orange cones and said, “I wish I could ride like that?” Blue Line Motorcycle Riding Academy was created by a police motorcycle instructor with over 25 yrs. of experience in training Police motorcycle officers and civilians, to give civilians the chance to learn the same techniques the Motor Cops have been using for decades.